Tesla wins right to help power the Californian grid

To further clarify Tesla’s ambition to provide the world with clean energy, they have now won the right to provide power to the Californian grid, in what is a move to hopefully prevent power shortages. The Tesla power packs are worth tens of millions of dollars and are expected to be ready in record-breaking time, which is the end of the year, pretty impressive when you consider the previous grid-storage procurements took 3 and a half years. 
The deal consists of Tesla Motors Inc. supplying 20 megawatts of energy storage to Southern California, in a move that will assist the efforts to prevent future blackouts due to fossil-fuel shortage, the energy source will come from clean and renewable energies such as Lithium-ion battery packs. The contribution from Tesla will be enough to power 2’500 homes for a whole day; however, this has not been the main talking point of the deal but rather, the speed in which the packs are being deployed. 
"The storage is being procured in a record time frame," months instead of years, said Yayoi Sekine, a battery analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. "It highlights the maturity of advanced technologies like energy storage to be contracted as a reliable resource in an emergency situation."
Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has long been a figurehead in the global campaign towards renewable energy with his Tesla often providing the benchmark in the industry. His long-term vision is to transform Tesla from just an electric car company into a clean-energy company, one that is a leader of a variety of industries. 

In total megawatt hours (80), the Tesla batteries are going to represent the biggest lithium-ion battery project in the world. The value of the deal is still yet unrevealed, however, a rough estimate can be established due to the fact a 2-megawatt battery system costs within the region of $2.9 million; therefore, the deal can be expected to be within the approximate region of $30 million.