Roofing and Ceiling

Aluminum Beam For Ceiling--with I-shape, U-shape,T-shape, Z-shape etc.

    Grade: 6063,6060,6061,6005

    Temper: T4,T5,T6

    Wall thickness: above 0.5mm

Aluminum Beam is a type of aluminum profile, which is widely used in decorations,industry,construction/Building etc. We provide aluminum beams with I-shape, U-shape,T-shape, Z-shape, or as per the drawings and samples .

Specifications of Aluminum beam:
The common alloys are 1100H221100H243003H223003H24, 3003H263004H24, 3004H26, 8011 H22, etc.
Conventional thickness: 0.40mm, 0.5mm, 0.58mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and other can be customized.
General size: 300 x 300mm, 600 x 600mm, 600X1200mm and other can be customized.
Coil size: can be divided into the customer 10mm - 900mm between any width, can be accurate to the positive and negative 0.2mm.
Color: the company has a variety of conventional color, can produce other colors.

I shape/H shape of Aluminum beam:
Shaped in the form of the letter "I," the I-beam commonly supports floors since it can bear the greatest weight. Also called the "H" beam, it consists of two flat horizontal flanges, one on the top and one on the bottom, that sandwich a vertical beam called the web. The combination of the vertical and horizontal supports equally distribute the weight. Made from aluminum, I-beams are available in many sizes for residential and commercial projects.

Primary Technical Data of Aluminum beam:

Processing Of Aluminum Beam:

Packaging of Aluminum beam:

Shanghai Metal Corporation Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

Features and Advantages of Aluminum Beam:
1. Durability: 
Good materials and sophisticated fabrication technology ensure durability of ceilings throughout their lifespan.
2. Environmental protection: 
Aluminum ceiling does not contain harmful substance to environment. The aluminum alloy is recyclable and reused.
3. Sound absorbing: 
Sound absorption function will be increased vastly by perforated holes and non-woven fabric, which is anti-inflammable.
4. Beauty: 
Modern style of ceiling like the u baffle ceiling and water drop screen ceiling bring a strong sense of layers. All aluminum panel ceiling can perfectly match the light system.

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