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Hot Rolled Steel Strip for Water Heater

    Thickness: 1.2mm to 14mm


    Width: from 15mm to 600mm 


    Grade: Q195, SGCC, DX51D

Product Detail

Hot rolled steel from Shanghai Metal Corporation features stable quality and a wide variety steel types. We porvide hot rolled steel strips and coils in various standards from mild steel to high strength steel. We also have a wide range of sizes in acoordance with your needs.

Specification of the Hot Rolled Steel Strip: 
1) Thickness: from 1.2mm to 14mm, all available. 
2) Width: from 15mm to 600mm, all available. 
3) Grade: Q195, SGCC, DX51D 
4) Coil weight: from 50kg to 7000kg, all available. 
5) Coil ID: 100mm - 508mm 

Hot rolled strip is traditionally split in to two categories, narrow strip and wide strip.
Narrow Strip mill numbers have declined in recent years due to the inherently higher costs of production. 

They differ from the wide strip mills in a number of ways. 

Firstly they offer greater flexibility in terms of the variety of grades they offer, 

the range of sizes they produce and the types of finishes available. 

Along with the capability to offer smaller quantities and specialist tolerances they are well placed to deal directly with end users. 

If material is required with a natural mill edge (Rather than slit)  the narrow mills are the only source. 

Furthermore a number of high carbon and alloy grades are only available from narrow strip mills.

Their inherent flexibility means they are able in most cases to deal directly with end users, 

and therefore normally they do not distribute through service centres.

Packing Information of  Hot Rolled Steel Strip:

Shanghai Metal Corporation Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

Process of Hot Rolled Steel Strip:

Reheating→ Descaling→ blast furnace → Roughing→ Edging → Descaling-→ Cropping → Finishing →  Temperature Control  →  Gauge Control→ Flatness and Crown→  Laminar Cooling→   Coiling→Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Wide Strip mills produce the largest percentage of flat rolled products.

Normally the mill will have little downstream processing which means that most requires further processing such as slitting,

blanking etc. before it is in a useable form. Most of their product therefore goes on to service centres for onward distribution.  

For the majority of hot strip requirements the service centres will be the most likely source of material.

They will normally be able to offer most standard grades of deep drawing qualities,

high strength low alloy and general purpose strip for press working, blanking and fabrication work.

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