Road Construction Equipment

Metal Corrugated Pipe for Highway - Equipped/ Assembly Metal Corrugated Pipe

    ID: 0.75m-2.0m


    Lengh: 3-12m or customized


1) Cost effective

2) Real engineering cost is lower than the similar span bridge, culvert

3) Short construction periods, mainly for assembling construction
4) Use of standardized design, production, simple design and short production cycle
5) Production is not affected by environment. Large-scale factory production, lower costs, quality control
6) Installation without the use of large equipment, convenient installation
7) Reduction of cement, gravel, sand and other pieces of rubble or dosage, is favorable for environmental protection


Specifications of Metal Corrugated Pipe : 


Packaging of Metal Corrugated Pipe : 

Shanghai Metal Corporation provides standard seaworthy packaging to worldwide customers, usually the tubes are packed in bundles, wrapped by plastic bag, fixed by steel strip, and then placed in the container with steel wire fixing. All these packing detail are ensuring your goods safe to your hand during the delivery, we also accept customization for your special requirements. Please feel free to contact us.



Application of Metal Corrugated Pipe :

Metal Corrugated Pipe is widely used in:

Highway, railway, tunnel, retaining wall and all kinds of mines.  

The retaining wall of roadway supporting and other projects in the culvert (tube).

Road vulverts, underpasses,bridges,water seepage wells,temporary payement,old bridges and culverts repairing, municipal drainage ditch,municipal utility tunnel,mine conveying pipes

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