Grade: COM (Common) 


    Thickness: 10-50mm Width: 610 Length: 7200


    Application: Liners Of Industrial Furnace

Specification of Chamotte Brick / Clay Brick:

1.Grade: COM (Common) 

2.Application: Liners Of Industrial Furnace 

3.Thickness: 10-50mm Width: 610 Length: 7200 

4.Chemical Composition: AL2O3+SIO2, Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 0.04, Working Temperature: 1100, Thermal Conductivity: 0.09-0.16w/(m.k,) 

Density (kg/m³): 128, color: white bulk density: 96-128

Technical information of Chamotte Brick / Clay Brick:

1. Processing method: We areprofessional refractory technician training base and test center, and creates headquarters economy, forming the combination of production, teaching and research, achieving new layout of professional training education, green refractory technology, and new product development and industrial production, making its product extend to functional materials for petrifaction, electric power and steelmaking from engineering materials for iron making, and building a large comprehensive business group concentrating high-end refractory for iron making and steelmaking and integrating headquarters economy, professional training education, technology R&D, product inspection, test and pilot plant test, and new technology industrialization.

2. Chemical element:


refractory material industry, covering metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry,etc.



1. Bricks are made from high quality bauxite 

2. Dry pressed 

3. Burned under tunnel kiln



SiC Content (%):standard

Model Number:LZ-75,65,55,48

Refractoriness Under Load(°C)≥:1520

Cold Crushing Strength( MPa): more than 54

Quality: first grade

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