Metal for Decoration

Brass Bar (Round Bar , Flat Bar, Square Bar ) for Decoration

    Grade: C3600,C3700series


    Diameter Size: 4mm to 80mm


    Shape: Round, Flat, Hexagon, Square


Copper products with high corrosion resistance, artistic, environmental protection, bacteriostatic, copper longevity, versatility, is aluminum, steel and other alloy raw materials can not be comparable, is one of the best building materials.
With the development of society, copper decoration in the world more and more popular. Today, copper decoration is the best choice for government agencies, financial systems, hotel hotels, research institutes, business and senior office buildings, 
high-end residential quarters, villas, leisure and entertainment venues and other best choice of decorative materials. 
Copper ornaments include copper roof, copper curtain wall, copper doors, copper windows, copper elevators and a variety of copper household goods and so on.

Specifications of Brass Bar (Round Bar , Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar ):
Brass Bars are manufactured precision tools and delicate temperature control. Any kinds of free cutting and forging are being produced in accordance with customer's requirement.
1. Grade: 
    1)JIS: C3601 C3602 C3603 C3604 C3771 C44300(Naval brass)
    2)UNS:C36000 C37700 etc.
2. Diameter: 4mm to 80mm 
3. Shapes:
    1)Free Cutting Brass Bar
    2)Brass Round Bar
    3)Brass Square Bar 
    4)Brass Hexagon Bar
    5)Forging Brass Bar

4. EN Standard: ASTM, ASTM B453, ASTM B16, ASTM B21, ASTM B138 

Features of Brass Bar (Round Bar , Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar):
1) Good wear resistance
2) Excellent corrosion resistance
3) High intensity
4) Hot Forging performance
5) Good cutting performance
6) Self-lubricating performance

Parameter for Brass Bar (Round Bar , Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar):

Packaging of Brass Bar (Round Bar , Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar):

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)Shanghai Metal Standard


Applications of Brass Bar (Round Bar , Hexagonal Bar, Square Bar):

1) Boat building

2) War industry

3) Car industry 

4) Communication industry

5) Self-lubricate axletree field

6) Connector assembly

7) Ammunition

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