Capillary Copper Tube/ Copper Capillary Tube for Refrigerators

    Grade: C1100,C1020, C1220


    Outside diameter: >=1.5mm


    Thickness: >=0.45mm


    Coil weight: 5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg or not fixed weight per coil

Product Detail


Capillary copper pipe are critical parts used as restrictors against refrigerant flow and pressure in the refrigeration cycle of air conditions, electric refrigerators, showcases freezer, this copper tubing usually manufactured with fine precision, down to one thousandth of an inch. This precision allows airflow to be smoother, more uniform, and more closely monitored, making such applications as fluid & air restrictors much more useful. Capillary copper tubing has very small inside diameters
Main material: 99.99% copper

Specifications of Capillary Copper Tube(Copper Capillary Tube):
1. Grade: C1100,C1020, C1220
2. Outside diameter:>=1.5mm
3. Thickness:>=0.45mm
4. Coil weight: 5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg or not fixed weight per coil
5. Production Standard: ASTM B280, ASTM B360 JISH3300 .etc
6. Copper tube Temper: Soft , half hard , hard
Package: Each end capped ,enlanced by the foam bags  and then put into the cartons.

Features of Capillary Copper Tube:
1) Small external diameter
2) High precision

3) Smooth internal and external surface



Packaging of Capillary Copper Tube(Copper Capillary Tube):

1) Seaworthy package

2) With plastic cap to protect both ends

3) Plastic bag wrapped outside the pipe

4) Bundles to be covered by polythene & strapped securely

5) If require, pack with wooden box


Inspection for Capillary copper tube(Copper Capillary Tube):

Chemical Analysis -- Component Analysis--- Spectroscopic Analysis--- Physical Property Inspection--- Eddy Current Inspection - Ultrasonic Inspection

Mill Test Certificate is supplied with shipment 

Third Part Inspection is acceptable

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