Construction and Decoration Materials

PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) Film for Paint Can

     Thickness: 0.9-23μm


     Width: 1000mm


     Coil ID: 90mm

Product Detail

Specification of PET Film:

For more than 16 years Shanghai Metal has stood for the highest quality in coating, laminating, and metallizing of PET film in a variety of thicknesses from .25 mil to 10 mil. Shanghai Metal’s coating capabilities and laminating capabilities can process polyester film up to 98" (2.5m) wide and can metalize PET film up to 80" (2m) wide.

The mechanical properties of polyester film and the availability of PET film that can be engineered to meet your specific needs makes it the premier film choice for a variety of industries. DUNMORE’s converted PET films are used for the following applications:

Packaging films

Graphics / print media

Custom engineered coated films

Insulation films

Surface protection films / hardcoats / protective films

Photovoltaic backsheets

Polyester Film (PET)

PET film or PolyEthylene Terephthalate film is a thermoplastic polymer commonly referred to as polyester film. Like most thermoplastics, PET films can be biaxially oriented or bubble extruded. Polyester film is one of the most common substrates used in the converting industry because of its balance of properties in relation to other thermoplastic polymers. Also, the processing tolerances of PET film makes it the ideal choice for vacuum metalizing, coating and laminating. PET Film is comparable or better than other thermoplastics in the following categories:

Specific gravity


Melting point

Tensile strength

Tear strength

Oxygen permeability

Water vapor transmission rate

Insulation breakdown

Dielectric constant

Service temperature range

Dimensional stability

Application of PET Film: thermal insulation material, sun shield, food package

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