Automobile Parts

Tin Coated/Plated Copper Strip (Copper Strip Tin Coated) for Automobile Parts

    Base material thickness: 0.1-0.8 mm


    Reflow Tin Plating: Sn 0.8-2.0 μm


    Base Material: Brass /Bronze /Copper /Lead Frame

Product Detail


The high demands placed by the automotive, electric and electronics industries on connectors and stamped grids, such as low insertion forces, good anticorrosion protection and 

good solderability, require the materials used to have surface treatment. Accordingly, copper and copper alloys are coated with a variety of metals,  of which pure tin is frequently 

selected for the surface coating. Pure tin is the first choice as surface protection for all connector and stamped grid materials, not only because of its properties, but also the cost 

advantage over precious and semi-precious metals.

Specifications of Tin Plated Copper Strip


    1) Brass: C2600 C2680 C2801

    2) Bronze:C5102 C5191 C5212 C5210

    3) Copper:C1020 C1100 C1201 C1220

    4) Cu-Fe Lead Frame:C19210 C19400

2.Base Materials: Brass Bronze Copper Cu-Fe Lead Frame

3.Base material thickness: 0.1mm-0.8mm

4.Width: Max. 300mm

5.Coil Weight: Max.2400kg; coil:8kg/mm

6.Pre-plating: Cu:0.4μm-0.6μm

7.Reflow Tin Plating : Sn 0.8μm-2.0μm

8.Standard:JIS H3100 Standard, Meets ROHS requierments 

9.Chemical Composition:

Features of Tin Plated Copper Strip

1) Eliminating detrimental "tin whisker"

2) Improving conductivity

3) Corrosion-resistance

4) Insertion force

5) Malleability fo electrical connectors are additional benefits 

Differences between Hot-dip Process and Reflow process


Packaging of Tin Plated Copper Strip:

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)Shanghai Metal Standard


Applications of Tin Plated Copper Strip

1) Auto spare parts

2) Lead frames

3) Solar panel battery

4) Electronic devices for the telecommunications

5) Appliance 

6) Connectors

7) Semiconductor 

8) Electromagnetic shielding 

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