2000 - 2005

Shanghai Metal cooperated with Trepong service.

SMC build the Immigration Centre for the NT GOV, total 1500 rooms, include all of the exercise and sports leisure venues. Total contact over $25,000,000.

We build big mess hall as containers for this Centre, use the whole side open containers plan to provide a 500 sqm for the building, and all of the the structure is the same as normal containers.

That mean we can provide any size for buildings according to customer’s requirement.

Locate: Townsville

Building area: 10,000 sqm


Shanghai Metal worked on the airport construction area.

SMC build hangars for Airnorth airline, use the light steel structure system, the hangar weight reduce by 30%, and the build time reduced by 20%.

This steel structure design and construct aircraft hangars of all sizes from wide span hangars to accommodate Boeing 737-400 aircraft to bespoke light aircraft hangars, as well as cantilevered hangars which permit unlimited clear spans. We do the complete structural design and construction of each aircraft hangar and use only the highest quality steel, which can be supplied hot dip galvanized if required. With our specialist knowledge we can design aircraft hangars to withstand high wind speeds, seismic loads or arctic snow loads if necessary. We also offer as part of our service the ability to design our structures to accommodate the largest of overhead cranes and gantries, the ability to detail and install glazing and cladding systems complete with integrated personnel and vehicle access doors along with many other accessories. Many airplane hangars have workshops, offices and permanent docking built in.

Location: Darwin Airport              


Building area: 10,000 sqm