2010 - 2016

Shanghai Metal Corporation comed into high-rise curtain wall system.

As the curtain wall supplier, SMC participate in building the Paspaley Centre in Darwin, Australia. The main curtain wall sizes are over 1500mm*3000mm per piece, It is a major breakthrough in the field of curtain wall.

In line with our unequivocal high standards of quality, SMC Curtain Wall ensures all curtain wall systems are tested and certified according to NATA standards. The testing standard is the SIROWET, which is a thoroughly proven building facade performance testing technique of the lifetime of a building facade.

This test is routinely used on many major building projects. The SIROWET verifies the strength and serviceability of a particular facade type, including air infiltration and water penetration.

All Curtain Wall systems for this building are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the Australian Standard AS4284 and Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Location: Darwin City              

Building area: 70,000 sqm


Shanghai Metal developed the construction of the farm.

Use the light steel structure system, SMC make the greenhouse build easy, we take the module system into the structure, make the build time reduced by 40%.

SMC's extensive range of pre-fabricated kit form farm sheds & barns, allows this project to choose the building that exactly suits your needs. Choose from welding tubular (RHS), Universal Beam (UB) or UB Column, open web joist. Cladding is available in a range of profiles in zinc or color span.

Farm sheds for all applications include: dairy farm sheds, machinery sheds, barns & equipment stables.

Location: Cairns

Building area: 20,000 sqm