What is Copper Foil Tape?

Copper foil tape is a kind of metal tape. It is mainly used in electromagnetic shielding, electrical signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. Electrical signal shielding mainly depends on the excellent conductive properties of copper itself, while magnetic shielding requires the rubber surface of copper foil tape. The conductive material "nickel" is used to achieve magnetic shielding and is widely used in mobile phones, laptops and other digital products.

Copper foil tape is divided into single-sided coating and double-sided coating.

The single-sided coated copper foil tape is divided into single-conducted copper foil tape and double-conducted copper foil tape. Single-conducted copper foil tape means that the coated side is non-conductive, and only the other side of copper is conductive. ; Double-conducting copper foil tape refers to the rubber-coated side is conductive, and the other side of the copper itself is conductive, so it is called double-conducting, that is, double-sided conductive. There are also double-sided coated copper foil tapes that are used to process more expensive composite materials with other materials. The double-sided coated copper foil is also divided into conductive and non-conductive. The customer can according to their own needs for conductive Come to choose.

Copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metals, insulating materials, etc., and has a wide temperature range. It is mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic. The conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, has excellent conductivity and provides the effect of electromagnetic shielding.

Copper foil tape series classification

1. Pure copper foil has the function of conducting and shielding;

2.Single-conducting copper foil is conductive and shielded (the rubber surface is not conductive), coated with acrylic glue for bonding and fixing;

3. Double-conducting copper foil is conductive and shielded, and coated with conductive adhesive to conduct electricity and adhere and fix;

4. Copper foil Mylar: masking, insulation, two coating processes, one is the self-adhesive on the copper foil surface, which can be coated with self-adhesive to shield the insulation, and coated with conductive adhesive to mask, Insulation and conductivity. The other is to apply self-adhesive on Mylar for insulation, masking and conductivity.

5. Adhesive-backed copper foil: The copper foil is laminated with Mara tape, which plays the role of insulation, conductivity, and shielding, and can be soldered.

Copper foil tape application: suitable for digital cameras, mobile phones, DVDs, HVD precision electronic products, computer communications, wires, cables, high frequency transmission, isolation of electromagnetic interference.

Copper Foil Tape Features

1. Ultra-thin and soft

2. Good conductivity

3. High shielding effectiveness

4. No burrs, easy to process

5. Non-plated products, in line with environmental protection trends

Copper foil tape application

1. Used for grounding and surface shielding of various electronic components

2. After die cutting and punching, it can be used in laptop computers, LCD monitors, copiers and other parts that require electromagnetic shielding.

3. The product is mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI and isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body. It is mainly used in manufacturers of computer peripheral wires, computer monitors and transformers.

Electronic grade copper foil (more than 99.7% purity, thickness 5um-105um) is one of the basic materials of the electronics industry. In recent years, the electronic information industry has developed rapidly, the use of electronic grade copper foil is increasing, and products are widely used in industry. Use calculators, communication equipment, QA equipment, lithium-ion batteries, civilian televisions, video recorders, CD players, photocopiers, telephones, heating and cooling air conditioning, automotive electronic components, game consoles, etc.

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