Grade: C1020 C1201 C1220,C1100,etc.


    Width: 5 mm -250 mm


    Thickness: 1 mm -70 mm

Specifications of Copper Bus Bar/Earth Copper Strip:
1. Grade: C1020 C1201 C1220,C1100,etc.
2. Normal Sizes:
(or customized as your needs)
3. Width: 5 mm -250 mm or custom
4. Thickness: 1 mm -70 mm or custom
5. Cross section up to 7500 mm2
6. Length: up to 9500 mm (depending the cross section), with a standard length tolerance of 100 mm. 
Upon demand this lenght tolerance could be 3 mm. 
Standard tolerances for straightness and edgewise bow : 1,5 mm/m
7. Material: Cu-OF / Cu-ETP
8. Cu content: min. 99.90%
9. Shape: trapezoidal bus bar (soft), trapezoidal bus bar TTY( hardness),shaped busbar(soft), shaped bus bar YTY(hardness),etc.

10. Temper: Semi-hard

Features of Copper Bus Bar/Earth Copper Strip:

• Reduces System Cost
• Improves Reliability
• Increases Capacities
• Low Contact Resistance
• Eliminates Wiring Errors
• Provides Lower Inductance
• Provides Lower Impedance
• Provides Denser Packaging
• Provides Wide Variety of Interconnection Methods
• Improves Thermal Characteristics



Chemical Composition and Oxygen Content:

(Chemical Composition %, the content of microelement is less than or equal to) 


Resistivity of Copper Bus Bar(Shaped Copper Busbar): 

The surface hardness of Trapezoidal bus bar shall be HB80—105, less than 206MPa, and elongation shall not below 35%. 

Size Scope: T ≤ 24, H ≤ 150, H / t ≤ 50 

Size Tolerance (Unit: mm) 

Include angel of trapezoidal bus bar shall be produced according to the sample. The spacing between the two sides shall be same with the sample and below or equal to the size of feeler gauge in the form. 

Shape Tolerance When the length of trapezoidal bus bar is less than 500m, its facies medialis tortuosity shall not exceed 2.5mm; while, when the length is less than 1m, its straightness shall be as follows:

a.when a>2"and H>50mm,straightness≤ 2mm


b.when a≤2"and H≥50mm,straightness≤3mm

Packaging of Copper Bus Bar/Earth Copper Strip:

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.
1)Shanghai Metal Standard

Applications of Copper Bus Bar/Earth Copper Strip:

• Earth / earthing / ground

• Power distribution

• Power conversion

• Telecommunication

• Energy management

• Power supply

• Medical

• Transportation

• Automotive industries

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