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With the AC500 PLC range we provide a reliable and powerful platform to design and create scalable, cost-effective and flexible automation


The scalability of the AC500 PLCs is achieved by offering a large variety of devices to design and implement configurations suitable for simple

control tasks or complex automation solutions.

The AC500 PLC provides action flexibility with one integrated software.

The AC500 PLC range consists of various CPUs, I/O modules, communication modules, communication interface modules and accessories.
The “all modules used on any CPUs concept” in combination with our life cycle policy helps our customers to react quickly, flexibly and

economically on new requirements.

Our AC500 is designed to offer the needed easiness, security and reliability to expand the automation system to new challenges. 

The memory, performance and the networking capabilities mean more functionality, advanced visualization, more operating comfort – for

even better individual customer solutions.

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